Online Blackjack Guide

By 23 January 2021

Playing games online come with vast benefits. The most obvious benefit is that you're not limited to physical casinos to play the games. You can be almost anywhere in the world and play all kinds of casino games online. Online casino games have been optimized such that players can enjoy them on their mobile devices and play them on the go. A common and probably most played table game online is the blackjack. This guide will explain how the gameplay works. Visit za4online-casino to learn more about mobile casino gaming.

Understanding the Rules of Online Blackjack

If it is your first time seeing blackjack game in action, then you may get confused with all the player actions. However, once you get familiar with all the actions you'll come to realize that blackjack is not as difficult as it seems. Blackjack is a table game that you can learn how it is played within minutes. It does not require several years of practice or any advanced skillset. And with the availability of the game online, learning it is pretty straightforward.

  • You can learn how to play blackjack online by playing the free mode
  • The player action you take determines how the game proceeds

The objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer by having more value cards than his but lesser than 22. The gameplay of blackjack is the same across all the variations, although there may be an inclusion of some additional rules. If while playing a game round in blackjack, you end up having values above 21, you will lose the game round automatically. Blackjack game round starts by first placing your bets based on the table limit of the version you want to play.

Game Round Proper and Player Actions Definition

Immediately all bets have been placed in the game, the next thing that happens is for the dealer to start sharing the initial cards. The player will first receive 2 cards from the dealer with their face up. The dealer will also take two cards from the card deck but one of those cards will be regarded as hole card (face down). After this, the players will have to proceed with the game by using one of the player actions available.

Hit player action is one of the most commonly used option in blackjack. What the action is used for is to let players receive one more card from the deck to increase their current total hand value. But you must still be careful that you do not exceed 21 in the game. Stand player action is the opposite of Hit. When used, you will not receive any card from the dealer. It is the second most used option in the game.

Double Down and Split Player Action

The Double Down player action in blackjack is used by players when they want to increase their initial bet by 2x. For example, if you placed a former bet of $10 in the game, you can use this option to increase it to $20. The Split player action is quite different from the rest. The only time it is available is when the two cards that the dealer first deals you are a pair. The option lets you split the pair and stand a chance to win from two hands.